6 Smart Home Extension Ideas

Are you planning to add a home extension so that you can live in your dream home? Amazing! But what’s holding you back? It’s an intimidating feat there’s no doubt, but with the right company by your side, your dream home will no longer be just a dream! Brisbane new home construction company Liona Constructions can help you through all the steps to build your dream house.

Here are a few home extension ideas you need to consider:

1. You Can Bring the Outside Look In

Make your home reflect your happy mood by bringing the outside in! If you are an outdoor lover, you can opt for a setting that connects you to the garden or your outdoor space. Another great way to bring the outside in is by adding a few greens into your living room to make it look fresh and bright. At Liona Constructions, we focus on creating quality Brisbane new home design, so if the thought of an extension isn’t quite what you want, we can help you with a fresh new home instead!

2. Adding a Deck

If you are a big fan of open living spaces and high ceilings, forget the idea of a small living area – build a deck! There’s nothing quite like a beautiful deck that allows the breeze to flow freely and the sun to shine in. This type of addition provides your family with an extra living area which you will no doubt get lots of use out of. This does not only make your house look visually pleasing but you can have parties and dinner gatherings too. You can also enjoy a great climate along with your favourite meal.

3. Building a Studio

A studio can be a great addition to any home – not just those that love to pain! You can use a studio for a variety of things, and they are particularly lovely when set out in the garden. Building a studio is also a popular choice for anyone who is looking for teenage accommodation or a parent’s retreat. As this area will be away from the house, it is great for your teenage child to study or even practice his/her music. Overall, building a studio will never go to waste as it can be used for some way or the other.

4. A Little above It All

Many people complain about the house they build on a sloping block. You can talk to your planner and ask them about a raise Extension. This will give your house some extra space without taking any of your outdoor space and also make it look super beautiful. You can also use it as a sheltered space.

5. Mixing All Up

Brisbane home extension is an opportunity for an individual to create their design stamp on their home. So, don’t be afraid to mix it up! You can choose to create interesting and different contrasts using a mix of both old and new designs. Go for a few bright and dark effects along with hard and soft materials. Explore your imagination to bring out the best in your home design.

6. Add an Extra Bathroom

Adding an extra bathroom can be one of the most necessary and practical changes you can make to your home. This is not taken into consideration especially when extensions are discussed. Adding an extra bathroom often adds resale value to your home. Not to mention, it will also make life easier for a large family. Talk to your provider from new home construction Brisbane beforehand and get their professional opinion.

How to Future-proof Your Home When Renovating

When you are renovating your home, you are either trying to create your dream home or resell it to make more profit. But how can you future proof your property? In this post, we will discuss all the most effective future-proofing ideas for custom home construction Brisbane so that it remains liveable for years to come and more appealing to potential buyers. But before we start with the ideas, we need to point out a few areas that will cover our topic today. These are:

  • Look for the features which reduce the cost and time needed to run your home.
  • Always opt for the technologies that make your space more fun and practical to live in.
  • Make alterations that anticipate the change in the future.

Reduction of Cost and Time

Reduction of the cost will only be possible when we consume less and think smart. Reduction of heating and cooling costs will only be possible when you use the combination of keeping heat or cold out and paying little for the energy. The more you conserve energy the less you pay. But how can you do that? You can opt for all the smart use of insulation, shading, and passive design. You can also go for all the efficient systems that call for installing renewable energy. Brisbane custom home design helps you to find the best solutions according to your needs.

The savings can only be calculated based on your choice of solutions. It might be a big investment right now but in the coming years the savings will make up for it.

Latest Technologies

During renovation, always opt for smart wiring, as it allows you to control a variety of appliances from your phone. You can also invest in Bluetooth appliances. These appliances range from security to other regular home gadgets. As technology keeps evolving, investing in a remote-control appliance is a smart choice. Once the appliances are installed, they can be controlled from your phone or laptop. It is also better to invest in a good security system that provides an ample amount of protection for your family. It might be heavy on the pocket but it will be worth it.

Foresee the Future

As your family keeps evolving, it is important to anticipate and plan for the future. Depending on which stage you are at in your life, you may want to make certain adjustments and create a room for every single need, however this also depends on your budget. Don’t be afraid to add features that make your home suitable for older people too. Create your own separate space according to your needs including bathrooms and bedrooms with the help of Brisbane residential construction.

Bottom Line:

Last but not least is keeping up with the trend. It is good to research and plan out every detail of the house beforehand with your provider. If you are on a budget you can also get great ideas from Brisbane custom home construction.