Because we have a passion for building and turning out quality homes. We offer true, family business hospitality that exudes genuine care for your needs and best interests when creating your dream home. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality outcome possible and we will achieve this through our strong belief that the foundation of a successful project is a strong builder-client relationship from start to finish and beyond.

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Your Professional Custom Home Builders in Brisbane

Residential blocks in Brisbane and across Australia are becoming smaller as our cities continue to grow exponentially. This has necessitated a rethink of how we design homes, allowing homeowners to make optimal use of the available building space. We are leading custom home builders in Brisbane, widely known for helping our customers achieve the best outcomes with their available space.

More people are choosing to buy vacant residential blocks and have their own homes built on them. The varied needs of families, ranging from pandemic-fuelled work-from-home requirements to personal taste, has seen custom home builders across Australia rise to new heights. We are highly regarded within the local industry for our attention to detail and customer-centric approach.

We don’t compromise on the quality of our custom homes in Brisbane

The days of large, expansive residential blocks are long gone. Today, the average residential block is only a fraction of what it was only ten years ago, meaning you have somehow to fit your dream home onto a much smaller space. Achieving this without compromising on comfort and practicality is what we do best.

Our professional in-house design team will work closely with you to incorporate all your requirements into a practical and aesthetically superior home design that perfectly suits your family and budget.

We provide a comprehensive service that includes your custom home design and build from start to finish. We focus on delivering superior quality projects rather than quantity.

We are renowned for being custom home builders that focus first and foremost on the wants and needs of our customers. We believe that effective communication is the key to successful home construction, and we will work closely with you to ensure we achieve the perfect design and build of your custom homes in Brisbane.

Choose Liona Constructions as your custom home builders of choice

We pride ourselves on designing every home from scratch and not working off a list of standard available designs. Your home needs to be as individual as you are, designed around your family, lifestyle, and personal style and taste.

Our professional design team are well-known for their ability to effectively translate and incorporate your taste and style into our designs, considering even the most minor details to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We offer building and construction services of the highest standard. From first contact to completing your project, we guarantee service and workmanship that is unmatched within the local industry, using only the best building materials available on the market today.

We offer an obligation-free first consultation to discuss your plans, design ideas, budget, availability, and the estimated time frame of your project. When it comes to custom homes in Brisbane, we are the people to call.

About Liona Constructions

We are a highly regarded family-owned and operated residential and commercial building and construction concern in Brisbane, delivering projects of outstanding quality on time and within budget.

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