Top 6 Kitchen Design Trends Landing in 2021

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Now that you know who you should hire for your kitchen renovation, let’s have a look at the top kitchen design trends you’ll see landing in 2021.

Top Six 2021 Kitchen Design Trends

  1. Warm Organic Aesthetic

First and foremost, when it comes to the overall design of a 2021 kitchen, you should bear in mind that those stone-heavy kitchens may be a thing of the past. Now, a warmer, organic, and more inviting aesthetic is what many people are beginning to lean towards. Some top features include tactile wood grains, timber shelves, and other wooden accessories.

  1. Contrasting Kitchen Cabinetry

Similar to the previous, in 2021 you don’t have to worry whether your cabinets match perfectly – imperfections are the new perfect! Instead, you might like to contrast your upper and lower cabinets. While sticking to wood grain throughout, you can use different tones to create a lovely contrast. For instance, make your lower cabinets darker wood and the top lighter.

  1. Island-Based Cooktops

Before, when choosing your island design, you just had to decide if your sink is going to be included or not. But, as we can see, 2021 is the year of major changes so now you may consider having your cooktop on your island so you don’t lose prep space and have everything needed for those island dinners.

  1.  Large Butler’s Pantries

Aesthetic appeal isn’t the only thing to consider when designing a kitchen in 2021. Practicality and functionality are high priorities too. When renovating your kitchen, you should introduce show-stopping design moments, but practicality is of the utmost importance. Creating a large butler’s pantry is a great way to achieve this and to cater to a large family.

  1. Bigger Sinks

Not only do butler’s pantries go bigger, sinks do too. And, there are two simple reasons why this is, undermount sinks will dominate in the year to come. First, they allow for easier cleaning of the worktop. Second, they make the kitchen look splendour and luxurious, especially if you choose to use a stone sink.

  1. Feature Rangehoods

Last but not least, rangehoods in 2021 become a true kitchen feature that boldly impacts the overall design. And, since there are many different rangehoods profiles, you should ensure you pick the right one that meets your needs and style. For example, you can integrate a rangehood with many technological advancements like wifi enablement, auto-sensors, or adjustable lighting.

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