How is Covid-19 Influencing Home Design?

In this current climate, our homes are playing a huge role in dealing with the pandemic as we are now spending more time than ever,  inside. As a result, Covid-19 has brought about many changes and key trends when it comes to home design.

For that reason, Liona Constructions has come up with the following list of ways Covid-19 is influencing home design.

So, let’s check it out:

Ways Covid-19 is Influencing Home Design

Entertaining Space

Barbecues and dinner parties are probably the first two things you thought of when you read entertaining space. And, you’re right. The pandemic has made us turn our homes into our number one entertainment arena since there aren’t a lot of opportunities to go up and enjoy the theatre, movies, music, dance, or sport. Hence, a great number of home renovation projects at current, focus on creating a fun, spacious social space for entertainment.

Home Office

Due to the pandemic, lots of people are working from home or have more flexible working arrangements allowing them to work from home more frequently. In the short-term, the living room or the dining room may seem like a nice space to work from. However, if you work lots of hours or have to continue working from home, you’d better create a work-from-home space whether it is a separate home office or an office nook.

Holiday-Style Luxury

The pandemic has also forced us to postpone our travel plans for some time. But, that’s not a reason why shouldn’t take ‘the desired holiday’ at your home. Many residential builders say their customers are requesting resort like luxurious bathrooms, outdoor entertainment spaces with outdoor fireplaces and even spa baths.

Children’s Space

Another result of Covid-19 is having your children move back home, especially those from college. This means that more people will be spending time in the same space and this will therefore, change the dynamic of your home. To make the most of having all the family gathered, you may opt for additional bathrooms and additional entertaining spaces. If this sounds like something your family needs, contact Liona Constructions today!

Escape Nook

Finally, since offspring are returning to their nest, and everyones working from home, entertaining at home, and just simply trying to coexist, it can become quite challenging to constantly be around people. Everyone needs a bit of alone-time to relax and unwind. Luckily, if you’ve already put a spa-like bathroom on the list, it can also work as a sanctuary for relaxing. However, cosy nooks and secondary lounge areas can come in handy.

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Thinking of Building a Granny Flat?

Have you recently purchased a new block and you’re thinking about building a new home? If so, Liona Constructions recommends thinking about building a granny flat.

But first, let’s see what a granny flat exactly is:

Namely, a granny flat is a part of a house (either joined or separate) which is completely self-contained featuring a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, laundry, and often a living space which can comfortably accommodate two people. Plus, as an outdoor living space, there’s usually a patio or a deck added to it.

Also, when building a granny flat from scratch you can add bedrooms and choose your preferred style to either complement or contrast the main house. And, depending on the number of bedrooms and chosen home design, building a granny flat can easily fit into your budget.

Uses of a Granny Flat

In general, as its name suggests, a granny flat is typically used for elderly parent,s however, there are also several other uses including the following:

Starter Home

First and foremost, a granny flat is a great space for young adults who still live at home. This means that they are still close to their family, but can begin being independent by cooking, cleaning, and paying bills.

Investment Property

A granny flat can easily become an income-generator since it is a self-contained property. All you have to do is rent it out to either long-term tenants or visitors holidaying or passing through your city. And, once you need it for an elderly family member the granny flat will be instantly ready since you wouldn’t have to build it at that particular moment.

Guest Suite

Another great way to make use of a granny flat is by using it as a guest suite, especially if you often have guests over. The beauty of this, is being able to offer your guests their own private little space, and you being able to have your space as well.

Home Office

Finally, using a granny flat as a home office is certainly convenient, especially now when most people are working from home due to the pandemic. That way, you will get the peace required for performing tasks but will still be able to spend valuable time with your family and have meals together.

The bottom line is that a granny flat is so much more than a space for seniors. Apart from the above mentioned, you can also use a granny flat as a hobby studio, teenage retreat, or whatever best suits your families needs.

So, contact Liona Constructions now and make use of that space you have!