5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Block to Build On

Thinking about building your dream home soon? Wonderful idea! However, you have to purchase a block of land first before hiring a home builders Brisbane company. If you want to save thousands of dollars in building costs, one of the most experienced and professional residential builders and construction companies in Brisbane recommends keeping a couple of things in mind:

1. Small Lot Code

Experienced QLD builders know this already, but did you know that if a block is 450m2 or smaller, a ‘small lot code’ applies in the Brisbane City Council. The same goes for battle-axe lots under 600m2. Why is this important? Because the size and height of your new home depend on the size of your lot.

2. Demolition restrictions

The fact is that many new homeowners are looking for empty lots to build on due to numerous demolition restriction rules. Still, if you fall in love with a lot with a house, ensure you know when it was built before purchasing. If a building is built before 1946 as per the Brisbane City Council, you may not be able to demolish it.

3. Slope

Another element worth taking into consideration when trying to reduce building costs is the slope of the block. Indeed, the greater the slope, the higher the costs. What’s more surprising is that some QLD builders don’t even build on sloping blocks as they require a custom design.

Of note, when building on a sloping block, retaining walls have to be higher than usual. And, if they are more than one meter high, special engineering and building approvals are needed, which also increase build costs, according to residential builders experts.

4. Height restrictions

The height of your new home isn’t only determined by the size of your lot but also by the location. In other words, if you wish to build a home in a low-density residential zone, then certain restrictions apply as to how high above ground level your house is allowed to go. In certain cases, like on a sloping block, for example, your home will need to step up or down, which significantly increases the build costs.

5. Stormwater

Specialist construction companies in Brisbane emphasise the importance of where the stormwater will go, as it can cause significant damage, especially in case of a sloping lot away from the road. Protecting your home and removing stormwater into the street may be quite costly if there isn’t a connecting underground line available at the rear.

Now that you know the main things to consider when choosing a block to build on, you can go ahead and purchase the perfect one for you. Then, you are ready to contact Liona Constructions – the number one QLD builders – to ensure you get the dream house you deserve.

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