Choosing the Perfect Style of Window Treatment

It goes without saying that window treatments can have a huge impact on the way a room looks and feels. To be more precise, window treatment can either make or break the appeal of a space. Thus, the leading residential builders and one of the best construction companies in Brisbane – Liona Constructions – has decided to provide the information needed about each type before deciding which one is best for you.

If your home builders Brisbane experts have finished the exterior of your new home, it’s time to consider the interior and whether you want hard or soft window treatments. The difference between these two categories, as well as the types that fall under each, are as follow:

Hard Window Treatments

Hard window treatments are used to keep out light and provide privacy from the outside. They are typically made of wood, metal, vinyl, aluminum, or glass. There are several types:

1. Shutters

Although shutters are usually found in interiors, professional residential builders say they may also be installed on the outside with two options: open or shut. Exterior shutters can be made from aluminum, timber, or a PVC product.

2. Venetian blinds

This is the most versatile window treatment style when it comes to light and privacy provision as they offer many different options. Depending upon the material used like PVC, polystyrene, aluminum, or Western red cedar, Venetian blinds impart a modern and sophisticated look.

3. Louvres

When shutters and Venetian blinds are combined, the result is louvres. They include the benefits of both while allow varying degrees of privacy/light penetration as the tilt of the blades is highly adjustable.

4. Metal screens

According to home builders Brisbane experts, if you want a more modern window treatment, you can go for metal screens. The great thing about them is that they are totally customizable and come in numerous designs and forms.

5. Frosted or translucent Glass

Frosted or translucent window glass is perfect for those who need privacy while still allowing some light to come in. Plus, you can also consider a frosted film that includes areas of clear glass for access to an outside view.

Soft Window Treatments

Soft window treatments are used to keep out light and provide privacy. They are typically made from soft materials like fabric.

1. Curtains

The softest of all and also the most versatile in this category are curtains. They not only block out light and increase privacy but they also add an extra touch and lots of style to a room. Curtains are one of the most popular window treatments, according to residential builders.

2. Roller blinds

Another popular minimalistic option are roller blinds that not only require very little space but are also quite cost-effective. They can be found in a great range of fabrics, usually divided into three categories, including blackout, translucent, and sunscreen.

3. Panel blinds

Last but not least, panel blinds stack behind one another when opened. They can be found in the same styles as roller blinds. The difference here is that they take up more space when stacked backward.

The bottom line is that choosing the right window treatment style is essential if you want a room to provide a certain look and feel. Call Liona Constructions – the number one residential builders – if you want to ensure you are making the right choice.

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