Getting the Best from Your Residential Builders

Thinking about building a new custom home? Or maybe embarking on a major house renovation or extension project? Looking for the right residential builders to make your dreams come true? If so, look no further than Liona Constructions.

We are a leading, family-run building company with over 35 years experience in the construction industry. We pride ourselves on offering a professional service with a personal touch.

To ensure you hire the ultimate residential builders, you first have to consider several factors. Luckily, Liona Constructions ticks all the boxes.

So, let’s see how you can get the best from your residential builders:

  1. Research

All highly reputable construction companies and residential builders should have a well-established digital footprint. Hence, researching the building company across several digital platforms and looking for the client’s reviews is crucial. Alternatively, you can ask the builders to provide you with copies of client testimonials. Plus, you can try Product Review – a digital tool that includes not only positive but negative reviews as well.

  1. Communication Process

At first sight, communication seems like a trivial thing. Yet, it has proven to be crucial. So, when choosing residential builders ask about who and where to turn to in case of unexpected issues. Are they available only during the working hours or can you contact them at any time? Or, maybe they have an online system where you can access them at any time.

  1. Know the Right Numbers

Building a home, and embarking on a major renovation project, is one of the largest investments people make in their lifetime. Hence, being aware of financials and costs is key throughout the entire building process. In other words, the right residential builders should give the client direct and honest information about the overall costs or potential costs that may arise. But, don’t forget that at the same time, you need to be honest too and inform your builders about your true budget.

  1. Be a Precise Decision-Maker

Every stage of the building process comes with a tonne of decision making. Hence, make sure that your residential builders can help you make precise and direct decisions to avoid delays or unexpected costs. Have a serious conversation before every stage and make the right decisions together. Any major changes in the middle of the process will push back your timeline and potentially cost you extra money.

  1. Trust their Experience

Last but not least, you have to trust their knowledge and experience especially when it comes to making tough decisions. The right residential builders will have long years of experience, like Liona Construction does, and be able to offer the best recommendations. Let their expertise and experience help you get the ultimate home.

The bottom line, finding the right residential builders may sound a bit challenging. But, when it comes to Liona Construction, you don’t have to worry about anything. All you need to do is contact us and get the best result possible.

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