5 Features to Look For in a Farmhouse Design

Thinking about living in the country? – Then, you’d better build a farmhouse. People are usually easily drawn to the farmhouse design thanks to space, wonderful views, and tradition it represents. Whatever the reason, farmhouse designs suit well both in rural sites and in the suburbs. Plus, you can always find great modern touches to add to the traditional farmhouse-inspired design and make it even more idyllic.

Therefore, Liona Constructions – the best from the best professional residential builders and construction companies in Brisbane and the area – have decided to help you choose the perfect features to set the scene for a warm, inviting, and homely farmhouse design.

So, let’s find out which five major features to look for in a farmhouse design:

1. Wide Frontage

All residential builders and construction companies will tell you that the must-have feature of a farmhouse-inspired home is wide frontage. This long and low frontage should be anywhere from 25 metre to 35 metre wide and the longest side should obviously be at the side of the street or road. We know that wide frontage requires a big block of land, but, as soon as you see how stunning it looks, you’ll know it’s worth paying a little extra for land.

2. Low Roof Line

Since the farmhouse design has a wide frontage, it is logical that you won’t need a second storey home. Having all of the living space on one storey is quite convenient and the interiors look spacious and voluminous. But, this also implies that the roofline will be also long and low. And, to make the low roofline look higher, you can add a grand gabled porch or a skillion roof to make it more modern.

3. Separated Zones

Besides wide frontage and low roofline, one of the major features to look for in a farmhouse design is zoning. In other words, the layout of a farmhouse-inspired home consists of two main wings. The kitchen and the living area are situated in the center while the two wings come on both sides. The master suite is usually separated in one of the wings, while the other bedrooms are on the other side to ensure maximum privacy. Plus, there’s usually a winter and summer room where you can either find shade on hooter days and sun on colder days accordingly.

4. Spacious Living Area

As we already mentioned, the kitchen and the living room are in the center between the two wings. And, since the kitchen is the heart of a farmhouse-style home, it is quite spacious featuring lots of worktop and storage and a great pantry. The kitchen flows naturally to the living space where you can find lots of sitting options for hosting great parties or family gatherings.

5. Grand Porch

Last but definitely not least, being located in the countryside, a farmhouse-inspired home features a grand porch to take advantage of the great outdoors and enjoy stunning views. The porch is usually sweeping across the front of the house, but optionally, you can also build a deck to enjoy your massive backyard. Whatever you choose, you will enjoy it for sure.

For any other further information, don’t hesitate and contact Liona Constructions today!

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