Building a Split-Level Home on a Sloping Block

Found the perfect location for building your dream home, but it’s a sloping block? No worries, such a block shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. One of the best and highly experienced construction companies and residential builders – Liona Constructions – has the expertise needed for both dealing with all of the complexities and challenges and getting the benefits of building on a block on an angle. Just read on to find out more.

The Challenges of Building on a Sloping Block

Professional home builders Brisbane companies, like Liona Constructions, know how to deal with the major difficulties of building a split-level home including:

1. Access

One of the major challenges residential builders face when building a new home on a sloping block is getting clear and easy access, particularly when heavy machinery is required on the building site. Hence, it’s important to hire expert builders Brisbane company to ensure your home on a steep site is built properly.

2. Drainage

When it comes to slopes, drainage can either be a problem or a benefit. In other words, such a block could either naturally drain water away or require additional water tanks, pumps, and pits to funnel water away. So, ensure you ask construction companies about this issue before deciding who to hire.

3. Excavation

Generally speaking, there’s definitely more work required in preparing a block on an angle when compared to a flat block. The ground type also plays a huge role. For example, rocky ground is more challenging than soil. Plus, excavating can also affect erosion and draining. That said, working with professional residential builders is crucial.

The Benefits of Building on a Sloping Block

On the other hand, building a split-level home on a sloping block provides many different benefits if built by the right home builders Brisbane company, like Liona Constructions. The main advantages include:

1. Natural Light

When building a house on a slope, you’ll ensure your home absorbs plenty of natural light. This is so because your home will be built on several zones which will enable sunlight to pour in. Therefore, ask your residential builders to use large windows to be able to fully enjoy this benefit.

2. Extraordinary Views

Secondly, you can enjoy some breathtaking sweeping views of your neighbourhood and the surrounding scenery when having your split-level home built on a slope by a professional home builders Brisbane company. Imagine how beautiful it would be to be able to see the city skyline, coastal views, amazing sunsets, etc. thanks to the height of the slope.

3. Original Designs

Finally, your split-level home can never be a cookie-cutter house in the suburbs because it requires some unique design elements. For example, homes on a sloping block may include voids and high roofs, multiple levels to separate your living spaces, layered landscaping, and a great wraparound deck to enjoy the views.

The bottom line, building on a sloping block comes with its advantages, as well as disadvantages. Luckily, if you hire qualified and expert residential builders you can make sure that the disadvantages are properly managed and that you’ll be able to get the most of the benefits. So, contact Liona Constructions today!

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