How to Design a Hamptons Style Home in Australia

Many people may wonder how the Hamptons style home, an iconic American styling, became so popular among Aussies. The truth is that, as professional residential builders claim, although they live on the opposite side of the planet, Australians love home styles that evoke a relaxed and homely feel, just like the Hamptons style does. All of the features incorporated in this American style home, perfectly reflect the Australian way of life.

That said, one of the best residential builders and construction companies in Brisbane – Liona Constructions – has decided to help you understand the key features of the Hamptons design. So, if you are planning on building your new Hamptons style home, here’s what you should consider:

5 Key Elements of a Hamptons Style Home

  1. French Doors

Home builders Brisbane companies say that if you want to follow the Hamptons design, you must incorporate French doors as the style is all about letting light in. Plus, not only will such doors offer light-filled spaces, but they will also allow you to enjoy amazing views especially if you live by the ocean.

  1. Flooring

Another key element of the Hamptons home style is flooring. When it comes to the material, the most common flooring is made of timber, but you could also choose stone tiles if you prefer a classier look. Furthermore, when speaking of colour, lighter tones are more common although you can go for a darker one like mocha timber flooring. Remember that flooring is the only feature you can go dark in a Hamptons home style, according to expert residential builders.

  1. Colours

Colour is also a key element to consider when designing your Hamptons style home with your chosen home builders Brisbane company. Briefly put, this style relies on a coastal colour palette. So, think of light, breezy colours typically found at the beach like warm whites, soft greens, lots of blue, stone, sand, etc.

  1. Benchtops

As already mentioned, the Hamptons design is characterized by light colours. Therefore, your kitchen benchtops have to be light too. And, if you want to go for the perfect look, choose a stone-look benchtop like granite, terrazzo, or marble, as natural materials are in style, and are definitely here to stay. Alternatively, you can opt for grey, white, blue, green, or timber benchtops.

  1. Lighting

Finally, highly experienced home builders Brisbane companies say that the typical Hamptons style homes feature oversized lighting. Thus, you should go for pendants and even chandeliers. Luckily, there’s a great range of pendants available on the market. So, you may opt for lantern-looking pendants or some with clean lines if you want a more modern look. Also, ensure you include mounted lamps and too.

The bottom line, if you want to build a Hamptons style home in Australia, hire Liona Constructions to ensure you work with the best residential builders and construction companies in Brisbane.

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