Consider These Safety Issues When Using Concrete Cutting Saws

Power tools can pose a huge risk to your safety as they are extremely dangerous, especially those that are used for concrete cutting. Equipment such as power saws must be handled with care as the blade may cause fatal accidents. You can call Murrays Concrete Cutting to secure the right power tool. Safety should be the most important issue when you need to select any kind of power saw.

Below are some important safety issues that you may consider:

Types of saws

When it comes to cutting concrete you will come across several options. These include wire saws, wall saws, conventional chainsaws, and cut-off saws, among others. The conventional cut out saw uses a disc blade. However, you will also find those with abrasive blades, diamond blades, and custom chainsaw blades.

A large number of saws are equipped with electric motors while others have gas engines and others are hydraulic. You must know the engine types available so that you can follow the safety procedure. You can pick the one that you need from any Brisbane commercial construction specialist.

Safety issues with saw blades

When it comes to saws, it is vital to ensure guards are effectively positioned and maintained. The blades should be kept straight and tight. Also, you must use the right blade for every task.

Diamond blades are given preference for cutting concrete and are more effective than abrasive blades. They are also cheaper than several other options available. There are various choices available in diamond blades. If you fail to use them for the right application the blade may break. You must also check that the blade is not damaged as they may break during cutting if they are. A damaged blade will tend to overheat and that may lead to cracking. If you need to check the saw blade’s condition, you should tap it and if the blade produces a ringing sound, it is likely that the blade is damaged. You should regularly check the saw blades’ condition to make sure that they are in good condition. You can contact Brisbane new home builder to procure top quality diamond blades.

Threats of Kickback and Locking In

‘Kickback’ is when the saw pulls back to the user, while ‘locking in’ is when the blade gets jammed in concrete. These issues will hamper any cutting operation. However, you can avoid both of these with some available safety measures.

Kickback arises when the upper section of the cutting blade is blocked. If you want to avoid this, you must keep the saw’s blade spinning at the highest speed before cutting. Meanwhile, ‘locking in’ arises when the blade is pinched or shifted by movement. You can eliminate such a situation by creating a shallow guide groove prior to cutting deeply into concrete.

Irrespective of the aforementioned safety issues, it becomes imperative that workers and employers follow a safe environment. To maintain the safety of non-construction device operators, it is essential that they keep at least 50 m distance from any concrete cutting operations. According to Brisbane custom home building experts, the worker must wear the right protective equipment and take effective measures to eliminate risks linked to concrete cutters. This should include safety goggles that must be comfortable to the workers as they may have to wear them for longer periods.

Professional Concrete Cutting Solutions – The Where and Why

You need to employ several concrete cutting solutions when you undertake  construction or demolition work. You should get in touch with Brisbane home extension experts to find the most effective concrete cutting solution. You need great precision and care in renovation work if you want to cut through concrete effectively. It will help in retaining the appearance and integrity of the structure. It becomes imperative to hire a professional who can offer specialised services for concrete cutting projects.

Let’s now see where you may need concrete cutting solutions:

1. Pipes and drainage

When you seek to install piping for electrical wiring or drainage, it becomes imperative to cut through the concrete. This might include concrete walls, driveways, flooring, or even outdoor patios.

2. Walls and ceiling

You will definitely require concrete cutting solutions for any concrete walls and ceilings. These are quite awkward surfaces as it can be difficult to position equipment correctly to cut effectively and safely. Expert concrete cutters are equipped with a dedicated track-mounted machinery that can climb walls without any hassle. You should contact Brisbane home renovation to reach the walls and ceilings that require cutting.

3. Renovations

You may also need concrete cutting solutions if you have a renovation project going. Effective concrete cutting solutions will help in completing the project effectively. This may also include cutting concrete for removal and crushing the concrete to eliminate surface imperfections.

4. Heavy duty

You may also need a concrete cutting solution for thick slabs. These can include roads, flooring, sidewalks, and carparks. There will be industrial level machinery that will execute the job effectively, but you may not have ability to access it. Concrete specialists will have the right tools and experience to execute such projects without any difficulty. You should speak with Brisbane residential construction experts to secure reliable concrete cutting solutions.

5. New concrete

You will require concrete cutting solutions for expansion joint cutting. The technique is implemented with newly laid concrete when it is soft to eliminate the development of cracks. The correctly placed cuts will allow the concrete to expand in a precise manner. It will also help in maintaining structural integrity as well.

Significance of professional concrete cutting services

It is necessary to seek expert concrete cutting solutions for a project in order to minimize the risk factor and cost. When you get in touch with experts, you will enjoy huge efficiency and effectiveness. They will employ their knowledge and experience to your project for its effective completion.


When you hire professional concrete cutters, you will be able to save time and money. They know very well how to carry out the job with the right tool and precision. If you want a new home design in Brisbane, you must seek their services without a second thought. When you don’t hire an expert, you may have to pay unnecessarily on fixing botched jobs. The job involves dangerous machinery and it is necessary that experts take up these projects. They carry out the task with complete care to eliminate the chances of injury.