2021 Trends – Four Things to Consider When Designing a Home Office

Lots of people have continued to work from home since the pandemic started. Many businesses even decided to move completely offsite, and in doing so, no longer have an office. If you are fed up with trying to work on the dining table, kitchen island, the sofa, or anywhere less suitable, it’s time you contact one of the best construction companies and residential builders in Brisbane and the surrounding area – Liona Constructions.

Their expertise and highly-professional service will help you design the ideal home office that combines aesthetics and functionality. For that reason, Liona Constructions has come up with the following list of trends and tips to consider when creating your new home office.

  1. Find the Ultimate Quiet Location

First and foremost, before you even start to think about the design of your home office, you have to find the perfect location for it. One easy option to make working-from-home comfortable is transforming a guest room, or whatever spare room you have at home, into a home office. Alternatively, you can find an area in your living space and add a study nook, but this option won’t give you the peace and quiet you need. Ideally, your home office should be away from the hustle and bustle of your home so that you don’t get distracted easily.

  1. Include Feature and Task Lighting Solutions

The truth is, if you ask any professional residential builder about the importance of lighting choice they will tell you for sure that the type of lighting you choose for your home office will affect the mood and productivity. By adding feature lights, you’ll make the space feel more resolved, comfortable, and blended with the rest of your home design. On the other hand, installing task lighting solutions like a table lamp or strip lighting above your desk will help you complete tasks easily even at night, and thus improve your productivity.

  1. Opt for Smart Storage Options

When planning a home office, you need to consider where you can store various office supplies, books, technological gadgets and more. Smart storage is key to every room, including the home office. You wouldn’t want to get up and go to the next room or down the corner just to get the file you need. In a home office, everything should be within reach. Luckily, being one of the ultimate residential builders and construction companies, Liona Constructions knows this and can install custom joinery, shelves, baskets, and drawers  – everything you need to achieve optimal functionality.

  1. Make the Right Desk and Chair Choice

Finally, the most crucial elements for any home office is the desk and the chair. That said, it is important to ensure your desk is the right size, which usually depends on whose using it. For instance, if you are the only one that’s going to use the desk, 1.5 meters wide will typically do the trick. But if you share it with someone else, consider doubling the length. And, regarding depth, it should be a minimum of one meter.

And, when it comes to the chair, ensure you get an ergonomic one that is adjustable, comfortable, and provides support to your back and neck. After all, you’ll be sitting in it for many hours on a daily basis.

Now that you know what you should consider, it’s time you contact Liona Constructions and get the ideal home office you deserve!


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