Freestanding Baths: Why They Are So Popular

Whether you are renovating or building a new house, the most critical considerations are features that can add value to the property. Updates to the bathroom can be one way to increase the home’s value. Are you interested in the latest trends for bathroom updates? Today, freestanding baths make one of the best choices when it comes to bathroom design and upgrading.

What makes the freestanding baths the best choice when upgrading your property?  This post looks at top reasons to consider the freestanding baths in your next bathroom update project. Keep reading to discover why the freestanding baths are so popular.

1.      Creative New Designs

One of the top reasons to consider the freestanding bathtub is that it is available in different sleek designs. Freestanding baths are the best choice when you want to create an elegant modern look in your bathroom. Rather than the old-fashioned bathtubs that are available in limited designs, freestanding bathtubs allow homeowners to pick the designs and colors that match the bathroom’s features. If you are looking to add a focal point to your bathroom, talk to home design and build Brisbane for a wide range of styles.

2.      Flexibility

The second reason to add the freestanding tub to your bathroom is flexibility. While built-in bathtubs are often placed against the bathroom walls, freestanding tubs can be added anywhere. This model of a bathtub does not need an adjacent wall for it to be installed. Therefore, if your bathroom has enough space, you can add the freestanding bathtub to any location, giving you more control and creativity with the room’s layout.

3.      Provides a Vintage Touch

If you are looking to give the space a vintage look, freestanding tubs can be the best choice. The style and wide range of colours can add a unique touch to your bathroom. To add this look to your home, talk to a home design and building Brisbane expert to advise you on the best choice of freestanding tubs. They will consider your taste, preferences, and available bathroom space.

4.      Creates the Illusion of Extra Space

Although freestanding tubs use more space than built-in tubs, your bathroom will not look smaller. Installing a freestanding tub gives your bathroom the illusion of additional space. The open area beneath the tub makes the bathroom appear larger than it is. A freestanding tub can make the room feel more open and inviting.

5.      Features Versatile Shapes and Sizes

The freestanding tubs feature many different sizes and shapes to choose from, so they are easy to place in most bathrooms. For example, you can get a compact design suitable for smaller bathrooms or a more spacious freestanding bathtub for a larger bathroom. You can also get the freestanding bathtub set on a pedestal or the floor. For added luxury and creativity, engage the services of Brisbane home design and build experts. They can help you choose the best bathtub for the space available.

6.      Easy Installation

Unlike conventional bathtubs, freestanding tubs are easy to install. Your contractor will not need to build a wall to support the bathtub, nor do they need to install the bathtub in a corner. They are also often less expensive because there is less work involved.


The freestanding tub is a trendy choice when it comes to bathroom upgrade options. It can be the perfect option for bathrooms of all sizes and add extra style to your bathroom design. For added creativity, engage home design and build Brisbane experts to make the perfect bathroom.

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