The Benefits of Building with Hebel in Queensland

Are you thinking about building your dream home? Looking for the perfect material for the Queensland region? Then look no further than Hebel. The choice of the external walls has a great impact on the overall design and energy efficiency of a home. Thanks to the beneficial characteristics of Hebel to both the builder and the homeowner, the expert QLD builders strongly recommend this material.

One of the leading residential builders and construction companies in Brisbane – Liona Constructions – explains this cutting-edge material. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about Hebel.

What is Hebel?

Briefly put, Hebel is a very strong, versatile, high-performance material made from Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC). It is made in Australia by combining already available raw materials including gypsum, cement, lime, and sand with an expansion agent and water. What makes this material unique is being high-quality and lightweight, meaning that Hebel panels are ideal for solid foundations and external cladding.

What are the Benefits of Hebel?

Now that you know what Hebel is, let’s dig deeper into its benefits and learn why a growing number of QLD builders and construction companies are using it:

1. Strength and durability

First and foremost, as mentioned, Hebel panels are a solid and strong building material. Each panel has steel reinforcement with an added anti-corrosion layer to ensure optimal strength and durability.

2. Thermal insulation

Next, Hebel is an energy-efficient material with remarkable insulation qualities. QLD builders say it’s even better than brick veneer when it comes to heating and cooling, making it ideal for the Queensland climate. By using Hebel, you can significantly reduce your heating bill and save power, which is great for the environment.

3. Noise reduction

Not only does Hebel provide superior insulation properties but it also offers excellent sound insulation. That’s why most residential builders use the material for building dual occupancy homes to reduce the noise between neighbours. Alternatively, Hebel is also used for building homes near busy roads or high traffic areas.

3. Flooring solution

Thanks to its versatility, Hebel makes an excellent flooring solution, typically used in double-storey homes to improve thermal insulation and reduce noise transmission. The flooring system made from this material is called Hebel Powerfloor; it can be installed underneath timber, carpet, or tiles.

4. Speed and ease of construction

Another reason why QLD builders love this material is that building with Hebel is faster and easier. Indeed, one Hebel panel is the equivalent of 75 standard bricks. You can imagine how long it would take to build 75 bricks as opposed to one panel. Even more important, the speed and ease of build don’t sacrifice quality at all.

5. Fire resistance

Last but not least, Hebel is praised by both construction companies and future homeowners for its fire-resistant properties. Namely, it is a non-combustible material, ideal for building in bushfire zones. In addition, Hebel meets all the six BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) categories requirements.

The bottom line is that Hebel is the perfect material for building any Queensland home. When the time comes, don’t hesitate and contact Liona Constructions – one of the ultimate residential builders and construction companies in Brisbane – to ensure your dream home is built the right way.

The Four Most Popular New Kitchen Design Trends in Australia Right Now

Without a shadow of a doubt, the kitchen is the hub of every home, especially if it is an open plan design as in many contemporary homes. Thus, you will want to ensure that your kitchen reflects your personal style and is also a comfortable and functional place to hang around.

If your kitchen is outdated, you might better consider renovation. Luckily, Liona Constructions – one of the leading residential builders and construction companies in Brisbane – is here to offer the most popular kitchen designs in Australia.

Read on to find out what’s on trend right now.

The Four Most Popular Kitchen Design Trends

1. All-in-one kitchen islands

There’s no denying it; kitchen islands have been a must-have feature for the past five to ten years. The trend is still on but with a small change. Nowadays, families choose to install their cooktops as well as sinks right into the island, making it an all-in-one place. The kitchen island has become the new dining table where people prep meals, cook them, and eat. It’s easier to serve where you cook, right?

2. Different colours and tones

People are saying goodbye to the all-white kitchen, and matching cabinetry is old-fashioned now. These days, residential builders, together with designers and homeowners, are looking for ways to play with different colours, tones, and textures. One way to implement a two-tone effect is by having the upper kitchen cabinets in a lighter colour and the lower kitchen cabinets in a darker hue. The space will look bigger and the colours will be interesting focal point in your kitchen.

3. Curved island benches

In general, people are used to rectangular island benches. But as home builders Brisbane companies report, curves are all the when it comes to kitchen islands. Even a simple curved corner can add an extra touch to the island and spice up the kitchen design, making the space more relaxed and welcoming. If you prefer, you can play with the lines and opt for something more dramatic.

4. Sensor taps and microbial benchtops

If the pandemic has taught us something, it is the importance of proper hygiene. As a result, every room has new advancements when it comes to cleanliness. The modern kitchen features a sensor tap that allows people to wash hands without having to touch the handle, thereby removing a cross-contamination touchpoint. New kitchens are also implementing a unique material – an antimicrobial benchtop – which stops the growth of fungi and bacteria.

As it is the heart of the home, your kitchen should be a comfortable and functional place where you can spend quality time with your family. If you are planning on renovating your kitchen, ensure you hire the best possible service in and around Brisbane. Call Liona Constructions – the leading residential builders in the area.