4 Ways to Use Natural Stone in Your Home

Without a shadow of a doubt, natural stone adds a timeless and elegant touch to both the interior and exterior of a home. Being versatile, natural stone, like granite, marble, quartz, limestone, etc., can be used in almost every place on the property to adda unique texture and characteristic appeal. What’s even more important, stone is environmentally sustainable, eco-friendly, and abundantly available in nature.

If you are planning on building a new home or renovating your current one, consider implementing natural stone in the design. One of the best construction companies and residential builders in Brisbane – Liona Constructions – provides great ideas on how to use natural stone in your home with the following ultimate four smart ways:

1. Flooring

If you want strong, durable, and easy-to-clean flooring, opt for natural stone like marble, granite, and limestone. Such flooring will not only create a welcoming atmosphere in your home, but it will also add an earthy vibe. Plus, if you want to make it a bit more edgy, professional home builders Brisbane companies, like Liona Constructions, encourage experimenting with different colours and textures.

2. Cladding

Another clever way to use stone in your home is cladding. Slatestone and sandstone are great cladding materials that give more dimension and depth to any room. Use a sealer coating on the stone surface after cladding to ensure long-term maintenance and protect it from wear and tear. As a bonus tip from residential builders, don’t forget to check how porous the stone is before choosing your preferred type.

3. Storage

Even though it sounds surprising, natural stone, such as limestone or granite, is a great material for creating storage space. For example, you can include floating shelves or open storage solutions in your home as functional and easy-to-maintain options that also improve the aesthetic value of the space. The most common way to use natural stone for storage is by adding rows of stone shelves in the kitchen, bathroom, or living room.

4. Kitchen

One of the best materials for kitchen benchtops is natural stone. Granite and quartz have long been used for this purpose as they are hard and non-porous, durable, and easy to clean. However, home builders Brisbane companies also suggest using stone for tabletops and splashbacks.  You can create a wall masterpiece by using stones in different colours for your splashback while creating an earthy ambience with a stone top on your dining table.

The bottom line is that natural stone is quite versatile and can fit any home design. Simply choose how you want to use it and call Liona Constructions – one of the leading residential builders and construction companies in Brisbane – to get the professional service you desire.

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