Consider These Safety Issues When Using Concrete Cutting Saws

Power tools can pose a huge risk to your safety as they are extremely dangerous, especially those that are used for concrete cutting. Equipment such as power saws must be handled with care as the blade may cause fatal accidents. You can call Murrays Concrete Cutting to secure the right power tool. Safety should be the most important issue when you need to select any kind of power saw.

Below are some important safety issues that you may consider:

Types of saws

When it comes to cutting concrete you will come across several options. These include wire saws, wall saws, conventional chainsaws, and cut-off saws, among others. The conventional cut out saw uses a disc blade. However, you will also find those with abrasive blades, diamond blades, and custom chainsaw blades.

A large number of saws are equipped with electric motors while others have gas engines and others are hydraulic. You must know the engine types available so that you can follow the safety procedure. You can pick the one that you need from any Brisbane commercial construction specialist.

Safety issues with saw blades

When it comes to saws, it is vital to ensure guards are effectively positioned and maintained. The blades should be kept straight and tight. Also, you must use the right blade for every task.

Diamond blades are given preference for cutting concrete and are more effective than abrasive blades. They are also cheaper than several other options available. There are various choices available in diamond blades. If you fail to use them for the right application the blade may break. You must also check that the blade is not damaged as they may break during cutting if they are. A damaged blade will tend to overheat and that may lead to cracking. If you need to check the saw blade’s condition, you should tap it and if the blade produces a ringing sound, it is likely that the blade is damaged. You should regularly check the saw blades’ condition to make sure that they are in good condition. You can contact Brisbane new home builder to procure top quality diamond blades.

Threats of Kickback and Locking In

‘Kickback’ is when the saw pulls back to the user, while ‘locking in’ is when the blade gets jammed in concrete. These issues will hamper any cutting operation. However, you can avoid both of these with some available safety measures.

Kickback arises when the upper section of the cutting blade is blocked. If you want to avoid this, you must keep the saw’s blade spinning at the highest speed before cutting. Meanwhile, ‘locking in’ arises when the blade is pinched or shifted by movement. You can eliminate such a situation by creating a shallow guide groove prior to cutting deeply into concrete.

Irrespective of the aforementioned safety issues, it becomes imperative that workers and employers follow a safe environment. To maintain the safety of non-construction device operators, it is essential that they keep at least 50 m distance from any concrete cutting operations. According to Brisbane custom home building experts, the worker must wear the right protective equipment and take effective measures to eliminate risks linked to concrete cutters. This should include safety goggles that must be comfortable to the workers as they may have to wear them for longer periods.

Professional Concrete Cutting Solutions – The Where and Why

You need to employ several concrete cutting solutions when you undertake  construction or demolition work. You should get in touch with Brisbane home extension experts to find the most effective concrete cutting solution. You need great precision and care in renovation work if you want to cut through concrete effectively. It will help in retaining the appearance and integrity of the structure. It becomes imperative to hire a professional who can offer specialised services for concrete cutting projects.

Let’s now see where you may need concrete cutting solutions:

1. Pipes and drainage

When you seek to install piping for electrical wiring or drainage, it becomes imperative to cut through the concrete. This might include concrete walls, driveways, flooring, or even outdoor patios.

2. Walls and ceiling

You will definitely require concrete cutting solutions for any concrete walls and ceilings. These are quite awkward surfaces as it can be difficult to position equipment correctly to cut effectively and safely. Expert concrete cutters are equipped with a dedicated track-mounted machinery that can climb walls without any hassle. You should contact Brisbane home renovation to reach the walls and ceilings that require cutting.

3. Renovations

You may also need concrete cutting solutions if you have a renovation project going. Effective concrete cutting solutions will help in completing the project effectively. This may also include cutting concrete for removal and crushing the concrete to eliminate surface imperfections.

4. Heavy duty

You may also need a concrete cutting solution for thick slabs. These can include roads, flooring, sidewalks, and carparks. There will be industrial level machinery that will execute the job effectively, but you may not have ability to access it. Concrete specialists will have the right tools and experience to execute such projects without any difficulty. You should speak with Brisbane residential construction experts to secure reliable concrete cutting solutions.

5. New concrete

You will require concrete cutting solutions for expansion joint cutting. The technique is implemented with newly laid concrete when it is soft to eliminate the development of cracks. The correctly placed cuts will allow the concrete to expand in a precise manner. It will also help in maintaining structural integrity as well.

Significance of professional concrete cutting services

It is necessary to seek expert concrete cutting solutions for a project in order to minimize the risk factor and cost. When you get in touch with experts, you will enjoy huge efficiency and effectiveness. They will employ their knowledge and experience to your project for its effective completion.


When you hire professional concrete cutters, you will be able to save time and money. They know very well how to carry out the job with the right tool and precision. If you want a new home design in Brisbane, you must seek their services without a second thought. When you don’t hire an expert, you may have to pay unnecessarily on fixing botched jobs. The job involves dangerous machinery and it is necessary that experts take up these projects. They carry out the task with complete care to eliminate the chances of injury.

Things to Consider When You Decide to Add a Master Bedroom to Your Home

We dream constantly about the various renovation we would like to make to our house to make it better and more attractive. When you decide to make your dreams reality and do some renovation in your home, you can always rely on Brisbane construction professionals. When people consider making additions to their homes, the master bedroom figures on the top of most lists. Many people love to make additions to their homes and the creation or expansion of a master bedroom is really high in terms of popularity. It is a stunning way to add some additional space to your home.

Given below are things that you must evaluate prior to adding a master bedroom:

1. Decide the location

When you start planning for renovation, it is imperative to decide the ideal location of your addition. This is one of the most difficult aspects of the entire procedure. You need to consider your requirements and limitations, particularly when selecting where to build the addition. Many people also take into consideration which direction they want the room to face. And, if you have got a two-story building, where you should have the room constructed. You also need to consider convenience as well when thinking of adding the master bedroom. Brisbane new home builders can make this process easier for you and help you decide the ideal location.

2. Get in touch with a design company

It is important to discuss all the ideas you have about your addition with a construction firm before you draw up your plans. They can provide vital inputs related to any zoning regulations, constraints, or any other local considerations. They will also be going to assist you with important technical factors for your project of adding a master bedroom.

3. Evaluate key elements

You cannot overlook any of the key elements when you set out to add a master bedroom to your house. These include storage, privacy, entries, exits, furnishing, and the overall setting of your house, among others. These vital factors will assist you in creating an appropriate plan for creating the best master bedroom for your house that will suit your requirements. You should speak to a custom home builder Brisbane to get an idea of key elements that you should not overlook.

4. Consider the exterior and interior features

It is necessary to ensure that the new addition blends well with the rest of your house. You must also ensure that the interiors and exteriors, doors, windows of the new addition match with the rest of your house. For the interior, begin by making a list of things that you want to include. And sort them into things that are necessary and those that are optional. This will help you decide what is required as a priority and what can be postponed. It will help you find the most important items and allow you to add these items to your plan.


The above-discussed things should not be overlooked when you decide to create an addition to your home. Brisbane home renovations will give you the ideal master bedroom that will blend perfectly with the rest of your house. You need to consider various other aspects as well but effective planning will pay off great dividends in the longer run. It will give you a satisfactory final outcome that you will enjoy tremendously in the years to come.

Tips to Select the Right Tools for Concrete Demolition

It is ideal to seek expert guidance about home renovations in Brisbane when you are looking for the appropriate tools for concrete demolition. It is crucial to identify which tool will provide the perfect breakthrough power. Before you take up your demolition project, you ought to consider various factors. You must create a safe area when you happen to be at the construction site or in the backyard. It will prevent the concrete from damaging anything else. You should also be prepared to cut the rebar and wiring as you set out to break the concrete.

Given below are some tips that will help you choose the correct tools for concrete demolition:

1. Invest in the right tools

When you invest in the correct tools it makes a significant difference to your work. You will have to review what kind of tool will be appropriate for your needs. You may have to choose between a jackhammer, sledgehammer, or a chipping hammer. You may also have to invest in a heavy-duty wheelbarrow to move the rubble. Consider renting a robust wheelbarrow or powerful machinery if you need additional support. When you have a clear idea of what will be included in a demolition project, you will need to get whatever equipment you need to establish a safe working environment.

2. Types of tools

The right concrete breaking tools will directly depend on your project and what you want to accomplish. Some of the common tools include bolt cutters, pry bars, wheelbarrow, safety gears, hearing protection, and polyethylene plastic among others. You can buy the various tools from Brisbane small demolition experts.

3. Sledgehammer

Sledgehammers are appropriate tools for concrete slabs if their thickness level is not too great. When you combine a sledgehammer with some elbow grease, it will get the task done without having to depend on a power tool. But, if you work with concrete that has a thickness of more than four inches, the work may become difficult to handle. You can see benefits when you use a sledgehammer prior to bringing in a power tool. Manual demolition on small scale projects will let you work with what you have. It will save your money on heavy-duty tools that may not be required at all. You can obtain this tool from Brisbane home extension specialists.

4. Jackhammer

If you have a concrete slab that is very thick, you should opt for a jackhammer. It can effectively split the material using a high-powered pointed chisel. You can decide what kind of jackhammer will be ideal for your application based on price, availability, price, and your abilities. Take care to ensure that you can handle the power of whatever jackhammer you choose.

5. Chipping Hammer

You may also require yet another tool namely a chipping hammer for concrete demolition. A chipping hammer is also known as the demolition hammer. It is a light hand-held light tool that provides increased control when you work in tighter areas. A chipping hammer permits you to reach small areas and congested corners.


You can obtain top quality jackhammer from home renovation Brisbane. The various types of tools provide different modes of operation and you must be aware of them. It pays to get expert advice.

How is Covid-19 Influencing Home Design?

In this current climate, our homes are playing a huge role in dealing with the pandemic as we are now spending more time than ever,  inside. As a result, Covid-19 has brought about many changes and key trends when it comes to home design.

For that reason, Liona Constructions has come up with the following list of ways Covid-19 is influencing home design.

So, let’s check it out:

Ways Covid-19 is Influencing Home Design

Entertaining Space

Barbecues and dinner parties are probably the first two things you thought of when you read entertaining space. And, you’re right. The pandemic has made us turn our homes into our number one entertainment arena since there aren’t a lot of opportunities to go up and enjoy the theatre, movies, music, dance, or sport. Hence, a great number of home renovation projects at current, focus on creating a fun, spacious social space for entertainment.

Home Office

Due to the pandemic, lots of people are working from home or have more flexible working arrangements allowing them to work from home more frequently. In the short-term, the living room or the dining room may seem like a nice space to work from. However, if you work lots of hours or have to continue working from home, you’d better create a work-from-home space whether it is a separate home office or an office nook.

Holiday-Style Luxury

The pandemic has also forced us to postpone our travel plans for some time. But, that’s not a reason why shouldn’t take ‘the desired holiday’ at your home. Many residential builders say their customers are requesting resort like luxurious bathrooms, outdoor entertainment spaces with outdoor fireplaces and even spa baths.

Children’s Space

Another result of Covid-19 is having your children move back home, especially those from college. This means that more people will be spending time in the same space and this will therefore, change the dynamic of your home. To make the most of having all the family gathered, you may opt for additional bathrooms and additional entertaining spaces. If this sounds like something your family needs, contact Liona Constructions today!

Escape Nook

Finally, since offspring are returning to their nest, and everyones working from home, entertaining at home, and just simply trying to coexist, it can become quite challenging to constantly be around people. Everyone needs a bit of alone-time to relax and unwind. Luckily, if you’ve already put a spa-like bathroom on the list, it can also work as a sanctuary for relaxing. However, cosy nooks and secondary lounge areas can come in handy.

So, don’t hesitate – contact Liona Constructions today! We specialise in unique and individual quality new homes, knockdown rebuilds, complete Home Remodelling, and commercial projects throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast.


Thinking of Building a Granny Flat?

Have you recently purchased a new block and you’re thinking about building a new home? If so, Liona Constructions recommends thinking about building a granny flat.

But first, let’s see what a granny flat exactly is:

Namely, a granny flat is a part of a house (either joined or separate) which is completely self-contained featuring a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, laundry, and often a living space which can comfortably accommodate two people. Plus, as an outdoor living space, there’s usually a patio or a deck added to it.

Also, when building a granny flat from scratch you can add bedrooms and choose your preferred style to either complement or contrast the main house. And, depending on the number of bedrooms and chosen home design, building a granny flat can easily fit into your budget.

Uses of a Granny Flat

In general, as its name suggests, a granny flat is typically used for elderly parent,s however, there are also several other uses including the following:

Starter Home

First and foremost, a granny flat is a great space for young adults who still live at home. This means that they are still close to their family, but can begin being independent by cooking, cleaning, and paying bills.

Investment Property

A granny flat can easily become an income-generator since it is a self-contained property. All you have to do is rent it out to either long-term tenants or visitors holidaying or passing through your city. And, once you need it for an elderly family member the granny flat will be instantly ready since you wouldn’t have to build it at that particular moment.

Guest Suite

Another great way to make use of a granny flat is by using it as a guest suite, especially if you often have guests over. The beauty of this, is being able to offer your guests their own private little space, and you being able to have your space as well.

Home Office

Finally, using a granny flat as a home office is certainly convenient, especially now when most people are working from home due to the pandemic. That way, you will get the peace required for performing tasks but will still be able to spend valuable time with your family and have meals together.

The bottom line is that a granny flat is so much more than a space for seniors. Apart from the above mentioned, you can also use a granny flat as a hobby studio, teenage retreat, or whatever best suits your families needs.

So, contact Liona Constructions now and make use of that space you have!

Key Advantages of Building a Duplex

Thinking about building your new dream house but not sure which style to choose? The decision is completely up to you. But, Liona Constructions – the ultimate residential builders and one of the best construction companies in Brisbane and the surrounding area – has decided to help you make up your mind.

For that reason, we have come up with the following list of advantages of building a duplex. Hence, let’s have a look at why you should build a duplex instead of a single storey, double storey, split level, or any other house style, especially when it comes to maximising investment and accommodating extended family.

But, what is a duplex actually?

Namely, a duplex is a residential building featuring two homes that have a shared central wall, or two houses on a single block of land which is also referred to as a house behind a house. Nearly all residential builders recommend this type of house because you will have different options if you decide to sell. Indeed, you can sell them together or subdivide the land and sell them separately.

Now, read on and find out what are the key advantages of building a duplex:

Advantages of Building a Duplex

  1. A Great Investment

As we’ve already mentioned, one of the major reasons for building a duplex is the fact that it is a great investment. Asking your builders to build you a duplex will certainly increase funds for your mortgage. There are several ways to make building a duplex a great investment including:

  • First, once your residential builders finish your duplex, you can subdivide it and ell each house separately and thus earn more than you’ve spent.
  • Then, you can also rent either one or both of the units in the duplex depending on whether you will live in one of them. Thus you will achieve a high return of 6% to 7% per annum.
  • Finally, you can earn even double by renting your houses through AirBnB compared to a standard one-year lease. Just make sure you check your options with your local council.
  1. Keep Ageing Parents Close

As we grow older, greater care and support are usually required by our closest family members, especially in case of a health issue. So, if you have ageing parents and want to have them close, building a duplex is what you should go for. By living in two separate units you will still be able to maintain your privacy and lifestyle but still be able to assist quickly when needed or just spend some time together without commuting.

As a bonus, if you have young children and need someone to take care of them while you’re at work, there’s no better choice than their grandparents. Plus, you won’t have to pay for childcare and thus you will again save money.

Still need convincing on building a duplex? Probably not. Now, all you need to do is hiring the best residential builders – Liona Constructions. So, call us today!


5 Features to Look For in a Farmhouse Design

Thinking about living in the country? – Then, you’d better build a farmhouse. People are usually easily drawn to the farmhouse design thanks to space, wonderful views, and tradition it represents. Whatever the reason, farmhouse designs suit well both in rural sites and in the suburbs. Plus, you can always find great modern touches to add to the traditional farmhouse-inspired design and make it even more idyllic.

Therefore, Liona Constructions – the best from the best professional residential builders and construction companies in Brisbane and the area – have decided to help you choose the perfect features to set the scene for a warm, inviting, and homely farmhouse design.

So, let’s find out which five major features to look for in a farmhouse design:

1. Wide Frontage

All residential builders and construction companies will tell you that the must-have feature of a farmhouse-inspired home is wide frontage. This long and low frontage should be anywhere from 25 metre to 35 metre wide and the longest side should obviously be at the side of the street or road. We know that wide frontage requires a big block of land, but, as soon as you see how stunning it looks, you’ll know it’s worth paying a little extra for land.

2. Low Roof Line

Since the farmhouse design has a wide frontage, it is logical that you won’t need a second storey home. Having all of the living space on one storey is quite convenient and the interiors look spacious and voluminous. But, this also implies that the roofline will be also long and low. And, to make the low roofline look higher, you can add a grand gabled porch or a skillion roof to make it more modern.

3. Separated Zones

Besides wide frontage and low roofline, one of the major features to look for in a farmhouse design is zoning. In other words, the layout of a farmhouse-inspired home consists of two main wings. The kitchen and the living area are situated in the center while the two wings come on both sides. The master suite is usually separated in one of the wings, while the other bedrooms are on the other side to ensure maximum privacy. Plus, there’s usually a winter and summer room where you can either find shade on hooter days and sun on colder days accordingly.

4. Spacious Living Area

As we already mentioned, the kitchen and the living room are in the center between the two wings. And, since the kitchen is the heart of a farmhouse-style home, it is quite spacious featuring lots of worktop and storage and a great pantry. The kitchen flows naturally to the living space where you can find lots of sitting options for hosting great parties or family gatherings.

5. Grand Porch

Last but definitely not least, being located in the countryside, a farmhouse-inspired home features a grand porch to take advantage of the great outdoors and enjoy stunning views. The porch is usually sweeping across the front of the house, but optionally, you can also build a deck to enjoy your massive backyard. Whatever you choose, you will enjoy it for sure.

For any other further information, don’t hesitate and contact Liona Constructions today!

Getting the Best from Your Residential Builders

Thinking about building a new custom home? Or maybe embarking on a major house renovation or extension project? Looking for the right residential builders to make your dreams come true? If so, look no further than Liona Constructions.

We are a leading, family-run building company with over 35 years experience in the construction industry. We pride ourselves on offering a professional service with a personal touch.

To ensure you hire the ultimate residential builders, you first have to consider several factors. Luckily, Liona Constructions ticks all the boxes.

So, let’s see how you can get the best from your residential builders:

  1. Research

All highly reputable construction companies and residential builders should have a well-established digital footprint. Hence, researching the building company across several digital platforms and looking for the client’s reviews is crucial. Alternatively, you can ask the builders to provide you with copies of client testimonials. Plus, you can try Product Review – a digital tool that includes not only positive but negative reviews as well.

  1. Communication Process

At first sight, communication seems like a trivial thing. Yet, it has proven to be crucial. So, when choosing residential builders ask about who and where to turn to in case of unexpected issues. Are they available only during the working hours or can you contact them at any time? Or, maybe they have an online system where you can access them at any time.

  1. Know the Right Numbers

Building a home, and embarking on a major renovation project, is one of the largest investments people make in their lifetime. Hence, being aware of financials and costs is key throughout the entire building process. In other words, the right residential builders should give the client direct and honest information about the overall costs or potential costs that may arise. But, don’t forget that at the same time, you need to be honest too and inform your builders about your true budget.

  1. Be a Precise Decision-Maker

Every stage of the building process comes with a tonne of decision making. Hence, make sure that your residential builders can help you make precise and direct decisions to avoid delays or unexpected costs. Have a serious conversation before every stage and make the right decisions together. Any major changes in the middle of the process will push back your timeline and potentially cost you extra money.

  1. Trust their Experience

Last but not least, you have to trust their knowledge and experience especially when it comes to making tough decisions. The right residential builders will have long years of experience, like Liona Construction does, and be able to offer the best recommendations. Let their expertise and experience help you get the ultimate home.

The bottom line, finding the right residential builders may sound a bit challenging. But, when it comes to Liona Construction, you don’t have to worry about anything. All you need to do is contact us and get the best result possible.

Choosing the Right House Plan for Your Family

When building a new custom home you must consider how you plan to utilise the space, both now and in the future. Hence, choosing the right house plan design is key.

Now, many first time homeowners may be confused. But, no worries, Liona Construction – one of the best residential builders and construction companies in Brisbane and the surrounding area – is here to help you find a flexible home plan that will suit your needs for now and the years to come as your family grows bigger or smaller.

Here’s a brief list of the best tips on choosing the right house plan for your family:

Top Tips on Choosing the Right House Plan

  1. Number of Rooms

The first thing you should consider when building a home is the number of rooms your family will need, which depends on the number of people living in the house and the ages. You may want your children to have a separate room and a game room. So, for instance, if you have two kids it means that your dream home should have a minimum of three or four bedrooms and two living spaces.

  1. Lifestyle Needs

Next, your lifestyle can seriously affect the type of house plan you choose. Here are some lifestyles aspects you might like to think about: how much time you and your family spend outdoors, how often you gather friends and family for dinner parties or BBQs, whether you make use of an additional dining room or you prefer to eat in the kitchen, etc.

  1. Future Plans

Building a home is one of the biggest lifetime investments. Therefore, when deciding on the ideal house plan you should also consider the future and not only the present. Ensure you consider whether your home will suit your needs in 5 or 10 years, will it be just big enough, or too big? Choosing a flexible house plan will ensure you are able to stay in your dream home as your stages of life change.

  1. Room Size

One of the biggest decisions you can make when choosing your ideal house plan is whether you prefer bigger bedrooms or bigger entertaining areas, or both. To help you make the right choice, think about how you’re using these spaces. For example, do you use your bedroom for sleeping only or does it serve as an office or study too? If so, you may want to choose a bigger one. On the contrary, you’d better have a large living and entertaining area to fit your growing family.

  1. Number of Storeys

Last in order but definitely not least in importance, families, in general, tend to have living and entertaining areas on one level and bedrooms on another. Yet, every family is unique and hence you have to think about yours when choosing the house plan. Your kids are maybe teenagers and you’d like to have them on a different storey to maximize privacy. Or, perhaps having a master suite storey has always been your dream. So, go ahead, choose whatever suits your family.

And, finally, if you want your house plan to be flawless and the entire home to be perfect, contact Liona Construction today!